Canadians Against Suicide Bombing thanks the many Canadians who supported us over the past seven years:

Senator Jerry Grafstein, now retired, who took up our cause, brought the private member’s bill before the Senate, spoke eloquently in its favour and worked tirelessly to convince his fellow senators and the members of his parliamentary caucus to support it.

Senator Linda Frum, who took responsibility for the Bill after Senator Grafstein’s retirement and MP Kelly Block, who sponsored it in the House of Commons.

Grafstein, Frum and Block ensured that a rarity, the passage of a private member’s Bill, moved through all stages of a complex parliamentary procedure and received the unanimous support of all parties.

The Prominent Canadians, including fiver former prime ministers, who urged Parliament to pass legislation to explicitly include suicide bombing in the Criminal Code.

Those members of Parliament and Senators, past and present, who have been supportive of our efforts and generous with their advice. We particularly mention Peter Kent, Stockwell Day, Jason Kenny, Bob Rae, Art Eggleton and Richard Marceau and thank them for their understanding and cooperation.

Legal scholars and practitioners who spoke publicly in support of the proposed legislation and patiently answered our questions about domestic and international law with regard to terrorism and were witnesses in the Senate Committee Hearings.

Our financial donors, large and small, who were generous to a fault even though we were unable to issue a tax receipt.

The signers of our petition from across Canada, thus letting us know that many of fellow citizens shared our concerns and objectives.

The many supporters in Canada, and internationally, who offered support, encouragement and advice, particularly during difficult times.

The officers and directors of CANASB: President Reuben Bromstein; Vice Presidents Salim Mansur, Roxanne Labrie and Doug Hughes; Secretary/Treasurer Gary Posen; Haithem Al-Hassani; and Donna Holbrook.

Canasb is grateful to you one and all!