Russia - Former Soviet Union

On October 23/2007 in Dagestan a female bomber seriously injured five innocent people.

In 2005 Suicide bombers kill at least 46 people in an attack on a train in southern Russia.

In 2004 female suicide bombers downed two airliners in August killing all 89 people, while in September hundreds of Russian men, women and children died as hostages in a school from bombs (suspected suicide), and a female suicide bomber killed nine people outside a Moscow subway station.

Suicide Bombing in Moscow, December 9, 2003:
A female suicide bomber killed 5 other persons and wounded 14 outside Moscow's National Hotel. She was said to be looking for the State Duma.

Train Bombing in Southern Russia, December 5, 2003:
A suicide bomb attack killed 42 persons and wounded 150 aboard a Russian commuter train in the south Russian town of Yessentuki. Russian officials suspected Chechen rebels; President Putin said the attack was meant to disrupt legislative elections. Chechen rebel leader Aslan Maskhadov denied any involvement.

Attempted Assassination in Chechnya, May 12, 2003:
Two female suicide bombers attacked Chechen Administrator Mufti Akhmed Kadyrov during a religious festival in Iliskhan Yurt. Kadyrov escaped injury, but 14 other persons were killed and 43 were wounded. Chechen rebel leader Shamil Basayev claimed responsibility.

Bombing of a Government Building in Chechnya, December 27, 2002:
A suicide bomb attack involving two explosives-laden trucks destroyed the offices of the pro-Russian Chechen government in Grozny. The attack killed over 80 people and wounded 210. According to a Chechen website run by the Kavkaz Center, Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev claimed responsibility.

August 1, 2003:
A suicide truck bomb attack destroyed a Russian military hospital in Mozdok, North Ossetia and killed 50 persons. Russian authorities attributed the attack to followers of Chechen rebel leader Shamil Basayev.