October 16, 2006


In a major victory for the Simon Wiesenthal Center's campaign, the Australian Parliament has become the first body to pass a bipartisan motion that urges that suicide terrorism be treated as a "crime against humanity". Australia’s Prime Minister, John Howard, took the lead on the global stage.

Photo: Dr. Shimon Samuels, the Center's International Relations Director with Prime Minister John Howard at the 2006 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Against the backdrop of the unending spate of suicide bombings in the Middle East and beyond, The Simon Wiesenthal Center has led this worldwide effort to empower the victims of suicide bombings and other terrorist violence with the legal weapons to pursue those who continue to act with impunity in inspiring young recruits into this culture of death.

Photo: Dr. Shimon Samuels (center), who was in Parliament for the historic vote, meeting with Shadow Defence Minister Robert McClelland (L) and MP Honourable Peter Slipper, governing Liberal coalition (R)