November 19, 2008

In this Parliament we expect Government and Liberal support for Bill S-210 with a new number

Senator Grafstein's Bill S-210, which unanimously passed in the Senate and moved to the House, died when Parliament ended. His Bill, supported by both Conservatives and Liberals, must now start again with a new number. As private members' Bills face a long process, and government Bills moves quicker, we will ask all party leaders for support which might avoid major delays.

Canada can lead Internationally by example

it was said in the Senate about our Prominent Canadians List, which includes three former Prime Ministers: “Rarely in the events of Parliament has such a distinguished list of Canadians supported a private member’s bill”.

CANASB told the Senate the UN is prevented from legally defining terrorism because the Arab Terrorism Convention and others say it can be justified even though Muslims are the ones most often killed by suicide bombers. As the bombers are dead, Canada can lead with Grafstein's Bill because, as former Prime Minister Kim Campbell advised us, it can ensure that anyone who conspires, incites, aids, or supports them is criminally liable.