DECEMBER 15, 2010

Anti-Suicide Bombing Bill S-215
received royal assent after the senate and the house passed
it with the unanimous support of all parties!

With BILL S-215, retired Senator Grafstein's “Made in
Canada" Initiative , we are now an example to the world as the first country to explicitly include Suicide Bombing as "terrorist activity” in our criminal law to help prosecute organizers, teachers and sponsors.

Senator Linda Frum and MP Kelly Block have completed
Grafstein's five years of tireless effort and it comes into effect when proclaimed by the government. Supporters of the Bill include many Prominent Canadians , including five former Prime Ministers.

Read Senator Grafstein’s speech quoting the Koran,
the Bible and the Gospels, and speeches in support by
Senators Romeo Dallaire, Art Eggleton and Hugh Segal.

Read the Billl - S-215