April 16, 2008

Senate Committee approves Bill S-210
which moves to 3rd reading

Senator Jerry Grafstein’s Bill S-210 to cover suicide bombing explicitly in the Criminal Code was approved today by the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs and moves to 3rd reading.

CANASB’s witness presented the List of Prominent Canadians and asked the Senate to set an example to the world by passing this “Made in Canada Initiative”. We want to stop the organizers, teachers and sponsors and the Bill will:
·help build consensus in Canadian society on this issue;
·serve as a clear deterrent for those not committed to this consensus; and,
·help Canada lead in an international commitment to outlaw suicide bombing.

Witnesses who spoke in support were:
·William Trudell, Chair, Canadian Council of Criminal Defence Lawyers,
·Patrick J Monahan, Dean Osgoode Hall Law School,
·Mark Sandler, criminal law expert, Law Society bencher,
·Ed Morgan, UofT international law specialist
·Leo Adler, member of many important criminal law associations,
·Mike McDonell, RCMP Assistant Commissioner saying it will help prosecutions.

Canada Can Again Lead the World with Bill S-210

CANASB helped generate Bill S-210 when we accepted advice from former Prime Minister and Justice Minister Kim Campbell, who was the Secretary General of the Club de Madrid (with 70 former heads of state and government including Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev) as she said:

"It is this whole process that has to be denied legitimacy by holding all the participants culpable in law and opinion…We need to create a seamless web of legal liability around terrorist acts. What is perhaps not clearly established and could be done by your campaign is to extend EXPLICIT legal liability for terrorism committed by suicide bombers to ALL who have played a role in encouraging, assisting or rewarding the act”.

CANASB’s Board of Directors and officers include Christians, Muslims and Jews with political, business, and international experience, and have support in all parties, major media coverage and web sites in the US, Iraq and Sri Lanka displaying Bill S-210 and our Petition with some in Moslem design.

Safety Minister Stockwell Day and our security services warn there are far more terrorist threats than can be disclosed. British terrorists recently planned to explode bombs on planes heading for Toronto and Al-Qa'ida has called for terrorist strikes against Canada. The UN struggles to legally define terrorism as many argue it can be justified and that all cases of struggle by whatever means for approved causes are exempt.

There is growing international pressure to redefine terrorism and specifically cover suicide bombing. Against those who argue that suicide bombing is covered implicitly in our Criminal Code we said there is no such explicit criminal offence and, even though dead bombers can't be prosecuted, we can still prosecute those who organize and finance them. As we Canadians are known internationally because of our Ottawa Treaty on Land Mines and leadership in world hot spots, we ask the Senate to be an example to the world by passing Bill S-210 in 3rd reading.